Deemount Bicycle Headlight 8.4V Bike Front Lamp Dual Chips 400Lumens Optional #18650 Power Box 8.4V 5.0V Output Cycling Lighting


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Deemount bicycle Headlight BCL-206 features in high and stable illumination for cycling use with external battery box. The power box has varieties of 4*#18650, 6*#18650 and 2*#26650 for order option. With dual output of 8.4V and 5V 2A, such battery box supports power supply not only for BCL-206 headlight, but also to charge mobile phone. This light comes with a sturdy bracket to mount on handle bar, firm set and safe use in harsh road conditions.
Be kindly noted that the power box does not include batteries and you need to get ready the batteries by yourself.
  • Special optical design, 2 LEDs topped by clear and stripe lens, illumination well distributed for cycling needs;
  • Quality LED chips gives up to 400Lumen output, cool daylight tone;
  • Optional battery box, offering 8.4V and 5.0V output;
  • Easy and convenient to install batteries, without involving welding or re-wiring;
  • With power volume and work indication light;
  • Compact design and sturdy built for more security and convenience;
  • Lamp Head quick mount and release.
  • Light source: 2*T6 LED, Day Light Cool White 6000K
  • Output: Up to 400Lumens (Measured figure, cheating condemned);
  • Light Mode: 5 modes optional (Steady/high, medium, low; Strobe/Fast, slow)
  • Switch: Press button;
  • Lamp input: 8.4V 2A;
  • Battery box: optional per order; Battery not included
  • Battery box output: 8.4V at DC port, 5.0V 2A at USB port;
  • Charger: optional per order. Input 110-240V, Output: 8.4V 2A Max;
  • Run time: subject to battery volume in use;
  • Ingress protection: Water splash proof; Do not submerge in water to use;
  • Mount:Lamp Head Fits Diameter 30-32mm / 1.18-1.26in; Battery bank fits Diameter 30-50mm / 1.18-1.97in
Package includes:
Per order option
(Battery not included)

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 18.0 × 12.0 × 8.0 cm

8P4CHR02, 8P4CHR03, 8P4CHR04, BCL206A1, BCL206A2, BCL206A3, BCL206B1, BCL206B2, BCL206B3, BCL206C1, BCL206C2, BCL206C3, Black Lamp Head Only

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Made in China (Mainland)

Lamp Input

8.4V 3.8A

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Light Source


Power Supply


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Stock location

Shanghai, China

Battery Box

Output 8.4V 5.0V


Cool Daylight


400 lumens

Light Mode

5 modes

Charger Output

8.4V 1A